Art of the night #30

Henri_Fantin-Latour_-_Flowers_and_Fruit_-_Google_Art_Project_(807372)  Henri_FANTIN-Latour_-_Poppies_-_Google_Art_Project  Henri_Fantin-Latour_-_Roses_(15408789567)   Henri_Fantin-Latour_-_Roses_in_a_Stemmed_Glass_(13358717034)

Henri_Fantin-Latour_-_Still_Life_with_a_Carafe,_Flowers_and_Fruit_-_Google_Art_Project  Henri_Fantin-Latour_-_Vase_of_Flowers_-_Google_Art_Project  Henri_Fantin-Latour_-_Vase_of_Flowers_with_a_Coffee_Cup_(13648335833) Henri_Fantin-Latour_-_Still_life_(primroses,_pears_and_promenates)_-_Google_Art_Project

This thirtieth episode of Art of the night is very special ! I was looking for Fantin-Latour paintings and found beautiful still lifes, created in the second half of the nineteenth century. I couldn’t choose so I’ve decided to share several of them. Yes, I realize I’m really into floral arrangements these days ^^ Enjoy this inspiration and tell me which one is your favorite 😉 !


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