Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 part III

Hello fashion lovers 🙂

Ready for the third part of my PFW favorites ? Here we go !


Vionnet is where you need to go if you are looking for modern versions of Greek goddess’ gowns. The ready-to-wear collection they showed two days ago is really stunning and classy.

We find once again elegant drapés and pleats, characteristic of the house. The second dress is a good example. I love how Greta holds the bottom in her hand. That is another way to highlight the fabric and the work that has been done. The fourteenth look results from a compromise between suit and gown. The deep neckline looks like a real tuxedo. Pleats are on the lower part, from the waist to the feet. But I think the main point of this collection is gauze. Indeed many looks are composed of this see-through and light material. It is placed over the shoulders and falls over the gowns like another dress. It can be short, as seen on the first outfits, with large sleeves, either black or white. It is longer and covers the whole body in the third and fourth images. Lace has been applied on the edge. It can be a bit confusing since it is so transparent, we feel like her legs are naked. Anyway, I am fond of this idea. Suits are upgraded with that light gauze veil around the hips, in sheer gracefulness. Seems the nude jacket is rather like a cape, and I adore the hue selected for this. These beige, champagne shades are very refined. Garments were sometimes adorned with a giant golden brooch. Its clean, graphical design is chic and doesn’t weigh on the silhouette. At the end of presentation the clothes are very modern, with simple lines. Shirt dresses with bows and ties are shown with trousers, and that is in the mood for next spring !

Dries van Noten

The Dries van Noten show was dearly anticipated. Antwerp school is truly major in the fashion industry, and this designer is here to remind us how important it is.

Shimmering printed fabrics are mixed together in a colorful outburst. However you will find a lot of grey, the most classical color, to downplay the whole thing. Oversize satin blazers with shoulder pads brings us back to the 80s area. Wide leg pants have a beautiful cut, slightly high-waisted. Maybe the styling is a bit too much, I concur, but I find it oh so funky 😀 I guess we are not ready to come across the second outfit in the street on a daily basis. I think each piece, taken separately, is amazing. These large jackets will make you step out of your fashion confort zone and become a statement in your wardrobe. Won’t need more to shine. They are super sophisticated; worn over the shoulders with a simple white blouse and jeans, it would look great, chic and definitely original. On the fifth outfit for instance they have chosen to style this pink blazer with grey head-to-toe. The pink jacket illuminates it and make it more joyful. Tulle skirts were beautiful : I like the diamond-shaped composition, more visible on the blue one. I am still dreaming of a ballerina’s tutu and they are perfect for this 😉 As for my favorite look, I’d say it is number 29 : I find each garment very pretty. I love how creative the designer has been with the trousers. The folded fabric adds volume on the hips in an elegant manner. Nice nice job 🙂

The next part should be ready for tonight guys, so stay near White and Pink Peony 😉







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