Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 part IV

Good evening dear readers !

The fourth part of my PFW selection is finally here 🙂

First is Sharon Wauchob. She is part of my SS 2016 discoveries. I came across the pictures of her show on tFs and thought she was really worth writing about.

Modern coats and feminine dresses were au rendez-vous Place Baudoyer. Slightly oversize, loose on the shoulders, they hang gracefully. The frayed rims on the wrists and the bottom brings some character. It is fastened with a large brooch ( or belt buckle, cannot really say) placed very low, and to me this result is great. The other coat  (I love its emerald green color, breath-taking !) is asymmetric and has large lapels. We see a good number of flowing silhouettes. Trousers and long skirts highlight the frame without hugging or hindering the walk. The slip dress is my favorite piece here ; actually there was two of them, very similar. This one is made of an entirely see-through gauze-like fabric, but is embroidered with black raptors or mythology creatures. On the bottom part we notice some sort of blue fringes has been added on the birds. However they look a bit frozen and not really moving when you are. Still I find the dress cute ! Next we have a lace bustier, in ivory, really delicate. It can obviously be assimilated as an underwear, and some people are defintely against using this as outerwear. I stand on the other side : nothing better than a refined piece of lingerie with large trousers (and a classy blazer please 🙂 ). Lace becomes important in the last part of the show, with this series of black dresses. I like the work a lot, very meticulous. I wanted to end with this white and red outfit : the dress has a nice cut and here the fringes are very cool. I love the way they are placed on the bust, it reminds me of big necklaces. It makes the look even more chic and falls on the evening category. Wauchob is a designer to watch, that’s for sure.


The very awaited Céline show was yesterday and that’s an event I never miss. Creative director Phoebe Philo uses an aesthetic and a language I can relate to, so I am always interested in seeing what she has to offer.

We are accustomed to these shapes and volumes, typically Philo. The navy blue jacket is representative of this. That waist is marked and it goes wider on the hips, creating a new figure. I adore the orange dress. This pop of color is welcomed in a summery collection, the shade is awesome. The fabric seems extremely flowing and pleasant to wear. The proportions, with the calf-lenght and the sleeves stopping at the elbow are perfect. Balloon sleeves on dresses and tops are cute. I admit it is not the easiest thing to wear, especially if you have large shoulders, but I have a soft spot for them. Since the sleeves are longer in the fifth image, the effect is even more beautiful to me. The look on the seventh picture is quite amusing : it looks like a corset, with a special lining on the breasts, but it turns into a A-line top. The deep round neckline is original and the edge doesn’t cover the shoulders. The collar bone is visible and the neck seems longer. It makes this little white top intensely feminine. Talking about feminity, the show opened with silk dresses, with lace parts. I cannot say I was expecting that from her, but they are rather great. Lace covers the chest, like another piece of lingerie. I adore the dress in the last picture too. First the nude color is pretty, and I love the simple cut and round collar, like a ballerina leotard. It shows the softer side of Phoebe, and we appreciate it 🙂


I first heard the name Maison Rabih Kayrouz last year. I remember I thought the collection was okay. I wanted to see what he had in store for us with his spring 2016 show to gat a nex idea of his work.

I like the direction he has chosen for his summer collection. Simplicity is shining just by itself. Long caftans are a good option when it comes to casual chic. Their cut and structure are amazing, with harmonious lines and deep tunisian necklines. The fabric used for the black one seems so luxurious it could even be an evening outfit. Next we see very long dresses, calf-kenght or reaching the ankle, worn over trousers. Many designers give this a try for next season and I am a fan. I think the styling is particularly good in these examples. It just looks clean and chic. Important detail : the shoelace is fastened around the ankle over the bottom of the trousers. The greyish green hue is incredible, and if you take a closer look you notice it is actually a refined damask-like print. The suit is made with the same fabric. The volume on the edge of the jacket is very pretty. White is the main color of course. It always looks good into the bright sunlight 🙂 Primary colors also make a quick appearance with the vertical stripes Ros wears, and black as well. I must say I fell fot the last outfit. I like how the fabric has been folded, crafted to turn ito this elegant full dress. Once again the lower part is asymmetric, and it looks like there’s an opening on the front. Maison Rabih Kayrouz understood the meaning of elegance and I’m sure they will keep on amazing us !

I am trying my best to follow the crazy pace of Paris Fashion Week, I promise !

See you tomorrow 😉





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