Highlight : Chalayan melting coats

Hi everyone

Let’s begin the day with a highlight from our dear Paris Fashion Week.

The designer Hussein Chalayan unveiled his spring/summer 2016 collection on Friday. The clothes were incredibly chic and classy. Pleated dresses and generously cut suits were part of the show. I truly love what he has created, everything is gorgeous.

Two models were standing on the runway half of the show, wearing white coats, when rain began pouring down on them. The white fabric dissolves, revealing a sparkling dress made of Swarovski cristals. You can watch the extract below to see what happened.

Here the material he used for the coats was special and reacted to water. It is quite fascinating. We would expect this kind of coat to protect us from the rain, but the contary happens. The designer takes the opposing view. This show was clearly not only about clothes and style. Chalayan is well-known for mixing technology and fashion. He explores the possibilities and the characteristics of the fabrics to go beyond mere garments. His researches and ingenuity result in a striking performance, once again.




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