Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 part V

Hello how are you ?

Today is the last day of Paris Fashion Week. No more rush in the subway, no more waiting on the streets … Until next time ! However I still have a lot of things to share with you on the blog, so let’s continue the FW reviews 🙂

Sarah Burton makes an amazing job at Alexander McQueen. Her work recognized by the whole fashion industry. She knows how to create powerful and intense collections, clearly standing out. Who could forget the extravagant Elizabethan ten looks of her FW 2013-2014 show ?

For spring 2016 she has prepared a rich collection, filled with myriad details and frills. The inspiration comes from a past era, but reinterpreted through her own sophisticated prism.

The first outfits are long, tight-fitting nude dresses with ruffles and frills all over and high collars. Then we have shorter things with flounced skater skirts, creating an interesting volume on the hips. Ornaments have been added on the collar, the shoulders and the waist, made with the same fabric. The black dress has a deep V-neckline, revealing a lace bra. Thin silver chains are fastened around the model’s bust.

The collection is about luxurious fabrics. I love the damask ivory dress, truly beautiful. Plus the cut and shape are great : we can see it is rather fitted at the bust, but the sleeves are large around the elbow. The décolleté is plunging but narrow. The next dress is awesome too. I like the embroidered flowers and the big flounces. The designer team made several jeans outfits. Using this material sounds casual, but Burton upgrades it and turns it into evening wear. Indeed the cut of the jacket reminds of the XIXth century and it is heavily embellished with pearls and sequins.

The show closed with light pink gowns. The level of craftsmaship of the left one is incredible. I love the feathers they’ve put at the front of the legs. Black lace inlays look great with that pale hue. The little buttons placed all over the dresses are a cute detail too. A major collection of this Fashion Week.


Of course I have to talk about dear Valentino. It is a must-see. Designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli pay a tribute to African art in this new collection. They borrow traditional patterns to put on their clothes. The formula remains the same old one we love so much : long dresses with a unique style and originality.

Leather and suede were part of the show. The dress is composed of studded leather yokes and vertical bands for the bottom, associated with lace. The result is chic and modern. The large brown suede coat is a major piece. It can give a little boho vibe with the fringes on the edge.

The designers have picked mainly warm colors, like tan leather, burgundy, khaki, orange, brown and yellow. I have a soft spot for the fourth dress of this section, with pink in the middle. They are really good at mixing hues and fabrics and designing prints. I’m sure many women will love them for summer too !


What would be a Valentino show without long flowing and flimsy fabrics ? They master the flou perfectly well. Soft pleats follow the frame of the model, with subtle plays on opacity and transparency. Actually they look quite simple if compared to the rest of the collection, but still they belong here.

Fringes are in for next season : they have been placed in rows on the dresses. Notice how the color scheme of this second outfit stands out, since lilac, blue and greyish green are cold hues.

See-through embroidered gowns were seen at the end of the show. These four are simply stunning. They have imagined animal designs to ornate them, you can see a giraffe on the first one, then birds on the others. Thin feathers adorn the collars and the wrists. I think they look really diaphanous and ethereal, especially in light grey. This is my favorte dress indeed, the hue is beautiful and I like the bottom with very long fringes and tulle. Another set of mesmerizing dresses to add to our wishlist ASAP.

Stay near for the next part 😉





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