Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 part VI : ALLUDE

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I am beginning a short series of special runway reviews tonight. Indeed I received invites last week and attented three shows, and I am super grateful about that. I’ve decided to write an article for each one. I would like to start with the Allude SS 2016 fashion show, October 7th.

The brand was founded in 1993 by Andrea Karg, its creative director since then. It is a specialist in high quality knitwear and cashmere.

  ALLUDE SS16-1    ALLUDE SS16-2    ALLUDE SS16-3



ALLUDE SS16-10    ALLUDE SS16-11    ALLUDE SS16-12

  ALLUDE SS16-13    ALLUDE SS16-14    ALLUDE SS16-15

ALLUDE SS16-16    ALLUDE SS16-18    ALLUDE SS16-19

  ALLUDE SS16-20    ALLUDE SS16-21    ALLUDE SS16-22

   ALLUDE SS16-24    ALLUDE SS16-25

Her new collection radiates peacefulness and serenity. Cashmere garments are paired with denim and linen. “I drew my inspiration from the fascinating fossils of organic fibers, which appealed to me so acutely that I translated their shapes into soft and flowing cashmere structures and surfaces without losing their dynamism and strenght” says Andrea. “I want to breathe lightness and movement into these shapes this way to make them wearable”. Fabrics follow the silhouette and do not constrict the body. Andrea cares about confort and lightness for us women to be able to move with her clothes on. Drapés are beautifully crafted and elegant. She offers long flowing skirts with cardigans and many kinds of sweaters. You can notice how some outfits seem unfinished. Cutouts give us the possibility to see the work “in progress”, details usually hidden we would not be able to grasp otherwise.

What I will remember from this collection is the color scheme. Mint, blue and écru are associated in a soft, fresh mix. I already wrote on the blog how I loved mint and I think it is very pretty for spring. The jewels are incredible too. The golden vegetal designs, especially the big palm leaf adds an exotic vibe to the collection.

Hi Setting, nice to meet you

  ALLUDE SS16-38    ALLUDE SS16-46



Andrea Karg

Accompanied by birds chirpings and ethereal sounds, it was a really delightful moment 🙂 . Please enjoy these extra pictures of the show (the picture of the setting was taken by myself).



Full credits

Styling : Samuel Drira – Hair : Delphine Courteille (l’Oréal) -Make up : Ludovic Engrand

Jewellery : Inderjeet Sandhu – Shoes : ALLUDE

Photo : Shoji Fujii – Show production : Devi Sok – Music : Senjan Jansen – Casting : KVVK Production


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    1. Thanks 🙂 I am glad to have had this opportunity ! I have just added a picture of the setting I took before it began and the video I’ve found on Youtube.


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