Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 part VII : Agnès b.

Hi guys !

I was invited to the Agnès b. fashion show which took place at the Palais de Tokyo, on Tuesday. First I must tell you I feel a special affection for the brand. A sort of nostalgic feeling overwhelmed me actually, because I know it very well. I remember I used to see her name in beauty catalogues my mother received when I was a little girl. It is really part of my childhood. Naturally I got some of my very first make-up products from her when I was around fifteen. Then, when I settled in Clermont-Ferrand for my studies, I discovered her clothes were sold at the Galeries Lafayette. Each time I go I like taking a few minutes to look at their selection. I always find cool stuff, bright and colorful garments with cute prints and vintage cuts.

So what about her spring 2016 show ? It opened with a short film about Agnès’ career. We saw old pictures and interviews in which she explains her take on fashion and style. She launched her label forty years ago and kept the very same philosophy all the way through. She states “from decade to decade, I did not make “fashion” rather I’ve always tried to create a style, the agnès b. style.”. This fashion show “reflect[s] this linear and determined creation that gives the clothes their simple and pure lines and makes them, [she thinks], timeless”. Attitude prevails.


Vintage is the key-word of this new collection. She knows how to deal with this style of clothes and makes them super attractive and fun at the same time.


  12087281_10153220061228358_3688811631786248083_o     11240089_10153220061638358_4717708511203534244_o

  12109867_10153220062183358_5740553596651794731_o    12095286_10153220062358358_5268222878171121785_o    12140901_10153220062743358_9052806119177115491_o

  12132460_10153220062748358_7140926629466537751_o    12068544_10153220062788358_3517339590604981756_o    12095083_10153220063208358_4306782319501461947_o

  12113395_10153220063218358_8901311163492623666_o     12109830_10153220063363358_807769617492907829_o

  12141035_10153220063568358_4320136772736401778_o    10899993_10153220063633358_5742469770403814951_o    12109867_10153220063853358_5385077532699621855_o

  11222709_10153220064108358_5942160558981351411_o(1)     12079961_10153220064048358_8986384623281067878_o

  12095124_10153220064218358_3893249222268170625_o     12080170_10153220064413358_8248175167608249575_o

  12091324_10153220064438358_1282624582899158474_o    12132440_10153220064688358_5951810152283420364_o    12138485_10153220065253358_3275888032125595771_o


   12140137_10153220065338358_2219835801086651400_o      12113269_10153220065448358_3352535492419010429_o

I adore the first two dresses. Some will say it is sleepwear, I say I’d wear it all day long. The cut is amazing, the V-neckline is very feminine and chic. I think all of the shirt dresses she showed us are great, like the blue and red in the ninth picture. She takes us back to the ninties with teddy jackets and buttoned-down dresses. Jumsuits and tuxedos are part of the show too. As for the colors, the range is large : black and grey will please classical style lovers, while vibrant red, orange, emerald green and electric blue will catch the attention of the others. Prints waver between geometric and naturescapes coming  straight from paintings. The show closed with three white “wedding” gowns. Each has its own cut, but they have a close-fitting top and larger bottom in common. The accessories are adorable : I love floral crowns and I’m glad to see this on the runway ! The very last one is adorned with a wide collar, alluding to flowers petals, making the model look like a monarch.

Merci pour le collier ❤

That was a really good collection with awesome vintage vibes ! This whole story around her forty years in the fashion industry confers a genuine depth, a meaning to the whole show. A special website has been put online at this occasion. You will find everything you need to know about her story in fashion and highlights about her favorite things, from rock’n’roll to art.

Discover the full collection here.

What do you think about her collection ? Did you enjoy it as much as I did ?




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