Atelier Kikala at Benext Showroom

Hello everyone !

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend the Benext Paris event. It was the third edition of the showroom. The aim is to present new designers and artists from all around the world and to let them express their personalities and display their work. Many of them came from Eastern Europe this time, mainly Georgia and Ukraine. The contact with Paris allows them to meet and exchange ideas with insiders and fashion lovers, and to receive feedback. Sofia Tchkonia hosts the event and selects the designers. She has an important role in the fashion industry as she is a main actor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of Tbilisi (second edition is in November !).


I really enjoyed the hour I spent in the showroom. It looked very nice. I think Sofia’s selection is excellent. I saw a lot of good things indeed. I didn’t know anybody and before coming, I had made some research online about the designers. I found out three or four coups de coeur, but seeing the collections in real was way better.

I had the chance to see and feel the fabulous clothes by Atelier Kikala. The story of this Georgian brand is quite interesting. Everything started with a photography studio called Kikala Studio. In 2011, for the first time they decided to shoot a special series, using clothes designed by its art director, Lado Bokuchava. Enthusiastic reviews about the pictures and the styling led to the launch of the fashion label a year later.

  R0012650     R0012646



Their latest summery collection is composed of handmade silk garments, colorful and with several textures. Fabric layers pile up in an almost abstract manner, playing with opacity and transparency on organza shirt dresses. Printed bombers and A-line skirts stand on the casual side.

The clothes themselves have deep connections with photography. It is almost like one cannot exist without the other. You can really feel the background of the art director. The mood is clearly inspired from photographers like Juergen Teller and Todd Hido, with “natural landscapes, human bodies, love, loneliness, mystery and beauty of the everyday life”. Oneirism lingers too, “as it is the natural state of the human body and mind”. I love how their sartorial creations could be translated, even simply transposed as pictural art. Silk organza layers are assimilated to landscapes and play with light and shadows. It is particularly relevant with the dresses in the pictures above. Deconstruction and unclear cuts are part of the collection as well.

You have to see their amazing summer ad campaign.







12038984_691564960944813_6018294632636065412_o  12068620_691565114278131_1792362145202333974_o      12091227_691564477611528_8376979284339609849_o 12068630_691564494278193_1982096150768003454_o


I like the shimmery stripes in the dusk. The Atelier compares them to “glowing lights of cars on the night routes”. That’s a perfect example of the mutual dependance I’ve told you about. The pattern of the dress has a specific role in the picture, more than a mere piece of cloth and reminds of an external element. As a fan of fashion photography, I find it awesome to have the two mixed like this and must be thought as a whole.

See all about Atelier Kikala on their official website. For now you can enjoy their FW 2015-2016 collection !




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