Knitwear by Lemaire for UNIQLO

Hey dear readers !

By the end of August was released the lookbook of a highly anticipated collaboration : Lemaire X Uniqlo. I made an article as soon as I saw this. This budget friendly collection captures perfectly the essence of Lemaire’s main line, with knitwear composed of cashmere, merinos and lambswool, oversize coats and flowing dresses.


I went to the Uniqlo Opéra store during Paris Fashion Week, on October 2nd, that is to say the day of the launch. It was literally a mess. So many people were at the rendez-vous that the store went out of stock for several items around midday. Seems like the online store had troubles following the shoppers too.

I don’t know how I did grab sleeves here and there, but I stepped out of the dedicated space with two woolen sweaters in my  hands. I got one for my mother and another for myself. I gave her the celadon cardigan (the color is truly stunning) and I took the ecru.




I am really pleased with the quality. The wool is soft and keeps warm, the shade is beautiful. The proportions are typical Lemaire, a bit oversize at the shoulders and the bust. Be careful with the sizes and the cuts : I took a size S for this one, but the celadon cardigan is more close-fitting (I picked a size M for my mother, but when I tried it it was tight, especially at the arms). The collar is very elegant. I love the very long sleeves with the cutout for the thumb. The buttons are very simple, they chose the same color so it is discreet.



IMGP0541 - CopieAs a knitwear lover, I can tell you it is probably the cosiest thing I’ve ever worn ! I returned to the store a couple of days after : I had been looking for a classical pair of black trousers for months and instead of searching at Zara, I decided to go back to Uniqlo. I found one, very chic and I’m really happy with it too !

The collection met an incredible success, beyond expectations for Lemaire and Uniqlo. It shows how his designs are appreciated. Some whisper they will renew the deal for summer, and considering the enthusiasm it created, I wouldn’t be surprised. To be continued …

Shop what’s left here and hurry !




7 thoughts on “Knitwear by Lemaire for UNIQLO

    1. I gave up when they told me they didn’t have any dress left ^^ However when I returned the second time all size S and M were gone, I managed to get the very last M trousers.


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