Sopho Gongli’s fantasy world

Hi !

Last week I wrote about the Benext Showroom event. That’s where I met the designer behind Atelier Kikala and many others I can’t wait to tell you about 🙂 . Today, I will dedicate a post to Sopho Gongli (full name Gongliashvili), a great find I made there.


  R0012658     R0012659

This creative mind has a lot to offer. She presents a very original jewelry line composed of brooches, rings and earrings, adorned with vegetal and animal designs. Enamel is her favorite technique, giving a polished finish. She uses vibrant colors (that coral red is amazing) and I like how they contrast with neutral shades. The proportions are gigantic : a ring will probably cover a half of your hand. Talking about a statement piece 😉 !

Scroll down her Instagram account to see her gorgeous jewels ! I am fond of the way the girls have styled their ring ! I think this kind of accessories would look incredible with a minimalist outfit, clean lines and soft colors, like collections from Lyn Devon or Allude.

Sopho Gongli has a knitwear line too. They caught my attention instantely, even before I entered the room. Cosy sweaters are probably my favorite thing in winter, so of course took a closer look at them.




We retrieve the same kind of patterns, flowers and birds, this time embroidered. The work is really really good.

I hope you have enjoyed Sopho’s work too ! Let me know what you think 😉




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