Hi everyone !

Today I’d like to tell you about another Ukrainian brand I discovered at the Benext Showroom : Karavay.

R0012668  R0012667  R0012665  R0012664I have been impressed by the quality of their garments. Everything is handmade with care and a certain savoir-faire. I photographed the sleeve of a blue see-through blue dress because I am fond of the way prints appear. They use a special process, they are not embroidered but really taken into the fabric. The detail picture just above shows you how the beige weave with golden hints is incrusted with wool. Their inspiration comes from traditional Russian art and iconography, especially for prints and patterns (I spotted a cute red dress with little flowers looking like berries 🙂 ). Plus, they enjoy a long collab with Swarovski for little beads and pearls.

This week took place their fashion show where the clothes I saw were presented. I’ve selected some pictures from the runway taken by Andrii Tovstyzhenko. We retrieve the blue transparent dress, the beige one, the colorful ensemble of the very first picture and the floral dress I’ve just told you about in the second image below.

  12027333_884208508330152_148384648847485400_o    12052543_884208511663485_9166859963998879229_o    12038926_884208578330145_2972730809069194186_o

  12032830_884208678330135_386884542350187403_o    12052358_884208744996795_8708038634141734120_o    12031498_884208758330127_2368831263391973807_o

  905894_884208868330116_6092196385090420350_o    11412207_884208951663441_4570660465147789619_o    12045735_884208954996774_4271554501582980004_o

  12017595_884209021663434_3766729949045193378_o    11930982_884209071663429_5747795931433197645_o    12034389_884209074996762_1742585202671171000_o

I think it is great to have had these two visions of their collection : discovering and feeling the clothes at the showroom and watching a fashion show, seeing how clothes fall when they are worn. I love the lenghts of the dresses, mid-calf or ankle. Some fabrics are a bit rigid like and other are flowing and light like the orange. That’s a really nice work !

Check out their Facebook page and Instagram if you want to see more 😉




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