“A novel romance” by Peter Lindbergh for W Magazine

Hello friends how are you ?

I’d like to share with you something very romantic today 🙂 I spotted this edit several weeks ago, and immediatly considered it as the most gorgeous series of November’s fashion magazines. It is shot by Peter Lindbergh with models Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen (here).

This story takes place in Paris, we recognize iconic spots like the Tuileries, the flower shop Place du Palais Bourbon (dreamy <3), rue de Rivoli and La Seine. It relates a romance described as “a modern twist on the boy-meets-girl”. Freja and Lara spend time together, walking in the streets and reading a novel. Then gradually melancholia tints the mood as they keep their distance from each other.

I don’t think many words and analysis are needed here. Admittedly I could tell you how amazing are these pictures in terms of photography and what ensues like composition and colors, but the main appeal is defintely the atmosphere and the narration. At the beginning Lara and Freja are shot alone, but the first seems to be waiting for the other, who is buying flowers as a present. Then, as the series go on, we realize girls are not close to each other anymore. Near the end the emotion becomes sad, as you can guess from their expressions. They don’t seem to be paying sweet attention to each other anymore.

The video shows us the development of this romance :



I really love this work. I like this kind of beauty you find in a melancholic situation, it has something very precious. Of course the performance of the models is really great. I am stunned by Lara’s facial expressions, she conveys the emotions so well ! I must say the styling is absolutely genius too. I love the see-through pleated shirts, these long skirts and even longer coats. Beautiful.

Stylist : Sarah Richardson – Hair : Odile Gilbert – Make-up : Karim Rahman


What do you think about “Novel Romance” ?





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