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If there’s one thing I really like as a fashion photography lover, it is discovering new images and new magazines. The one I am about to introduce is called OK Magazine. Founded in Sao Paulo in 2013, OK is described as an inspirational medium, presenting fashion through the prism of art and society. The editors dedicate their pages to designers and important cultural personalities with interviews and images, with the help of contributors from all around the world. A breath of fresh air to fashion publications.

Here are two editorials appearing in their lastest issue. Model Cibele Ramm stars in one of them, shot by Fernando Tomaz.

Cibele Ramm by Fernando Tomaz-004

Cibele Ramm by Fernando Tomaz-009

I am a fan of monochromatic settings. It give all the space to the model and the clothes she wears to impress. So hand me that pink background and I’m happy ! I find it very interesting and you can focus only on the composition and the pose, either static or dynamic (static doesn’t mean boring or not pretty !). I recently realize how ginger and blush are best buddies so the harmony between the model’s hair and the atmosphere is really great.

Cibele takes complex poses, like a dislocated doll. Her limbs spread in several directions, arms and legs bent or open. It seems she is always moving as we notice her hair flying around her face.

I like the asymmetry in the sixth shot. The crossed straps of the Miu Miu dress do not meet at the center of her back, but on the left part. The fact the framing doesn’t put her at the middle of the picture strenghen this effect. The main line in this composition is the one following her left arm. She is bending on this side, thus we read this picture from top right line to bottom left.

These elements lead us to think how dynamic these images are. Composition solicits our gaze and attention at every moment since they are so many details to look at. Motion is clearly a major thematic of this shooting. The styling is pretty nice : it plays with patterns and textures, mostly with warm colors. I think it contributes to this impression of profusion and richness. In the third shot for instance the outfit is composed of a ruffled striped blouse and a checked skirt. They bring new prints and thus lines to add to our reading of the picture. However if you watch the fifth one, the monochromatic pieces of clothing (and the sleek-looking texture of the red skirt) make the image simpler to read.

A second series in this same magazine is shot by Rogiero Cavalcanti with Miss Thana Kuhnen.

Thana Kuhnen by Rogerio Cavalcanti - 007

It is interesting to compare because we have a certain kind of minimalism in terms of shades and textures. Black and white are the main colors here, for both the styling and the background. The setting looks like a studio. Big spaces, high walls with large windows, still in the same black and white duo. The floor and chairs have a pretty natural, neutral shade mingling in the decor, and rare pops of blue make an appearance. What is relevant is that this place offers a net of straight lines. The windows do of course, and it is repeted through the large tables as you can see on the third and seventh shots. If you pay attention to the outfit the model wears, you notice she has a black choker around her neck. If we see this as an element of the composition, it is assimilated to a simple black line. On the second image, you can see the ressemblance, the rappel with the laticce work behind her. We retrieve this in the fourth picture, and in the sixth one with her belt.

Light floods the room and thus becomes another main actor in these pictures. It is really saturated and gives a surnatural aura to the scene, especially when she wears white. But it can also be a genuine composition element, in the first picture for example. Thana is laying on the floor, in this natural light coming through the window (so all of our attention focus on her). It creates a series of brighter squares on the bottom part, mimicking the windows themselves in the top half of the image.

The concept rely on this black/white dichotomy. It could almost be considered as an abstract artwork, where black lines are placed on a white canvas. I really love this kind of big studios for minimalist fashion photographies, so I love this edit !

Ok Magazine is a cool discovery, and I will surely keep an eye on their work.

Share your thoughts dear readers 🙂 !





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