What time is it ?

IMGP1451  IMGP1454

Today is the big day, isn’t it ? Hope you will find your favorite pieces 😉

For me, sales began yesterday. Many stores have organized what they called “ventes privées”, that is to say special reductions for loyal costumers.

The first thing I got is something I really really needed (I promise !) : a watch. Currently I am in an exam period at the university and on Monday, I woke up realizing the one I had was not functionning anymore. So I had to spend my whole exam not knowing the hour :3 Delightful. It is from Younger&Bresson (you can see it here), I purchased it in the men section. I like the heaviness and it completes my masculin/féminin really well.

However, I must admit I never wear it, and it is probably the reason why it is not working anymore. Actually I don’t like wearing bracelets. As I am always typing on my computer or writing, I hate having something bothering me and I am scared to damage it. So instead of letting my watch at the clockmaker, I decided to buy a new one, but very thin and small with a leather bracelet. I found my happiness at the Galeries Lafayette, with a little discount ! I chose a tan Louis Pion watch with a rectangular face. I will try to wear it more often, to avoid this kind of surprise !


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