Happy Anniversary !

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Hello dear readers !

Today is a very special day … On January 18th 2015, I started this blog. I think that’s one of the best decision I ever took.

I wanted a place where I could express my vision of fashion. I wanted to share collection reviewws, and talk about images, composition, meanings, intentions, highlighting the artistic side of fashion. I think that’s the main purpose of the blog and its originality, so I wish to keep following this path.

However I admit I should share more pictures of my outfits. Even if the blog is more dedicated to fashion photography and the industry, I think personal pictures are appreciated.

di giorgio ring

lemaire uniqlo

style ootd

You probably want to see more pictures of my wardrobe and me ^^.That’s a point I will try to work on this year 😉

Being a fashion blogger led me to awesome events. I went to my very first Fashion Week in Paris in March 2015. I had the chance to attend the Lemaire show.

lemaire show fw

lemaire show

I was beyond happy to enter this show as, you know, Lemaire is one of my favorite designer.

Then next season, in October, I obtained three invitates : from Agnès b., Allude and Valentin Yudashkin. It was an amazing experince to sit and watch these shows live, then working on the review with a real press release like a pro 😀 I just hope there will be more of them in the future ! I also wanted to note that during Yudashkin, I met German-based blogger Irina, from Fashionambit, a very nice girl. Yep, perfect place to meet fellow bloggers 😉 !

I love the energy in Paris, especially during Fashion Week. I really went there resolved to shot cool street style pictures.

younger bresson watch

dior boots paris fashion week

All these pictures are 100% from me, please don’t steal them 🙂

To me they are like postcards form Paris at that very special time of the season. I will go back to streetstyle hunting next time I go, that’s for sure !

All of this is very positive. I think this role of fashion blogger fits me well, and I really enjoy this kind of work. Of course I thank you, readers, for coming and supporting me 🙂 Let’s start another year together, shall we ?

Tell me, what do you think about the blog ? Is there something you’d like to see more ? Share your thoughts !






4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary !

  1. Happy Anniversary, Emmanuelle 🙂 It’s impressive how much a blogger goes through in one year. But I think this is not always the case, and your perseverance and unique articles, offered you chance to attend shows of designers you love and to experience this world from the inside. I wish you all the best and tbh don’t change anything because I think, so far, you have it spot-on.

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