Haute-Couture SS 2016 part II

Hello dear readers 🙂

Here is the second part of my Haute-Couture Week reviews ! Third and last part will come soon.


Let’s say it, I am a fan of Chanel Haute-Couture. I think Karl does a way better job at this than ready-to-wear collections. This SS16 show was special as the thematic was nature and ecology. A feeling of peace exuded from the setting made of wood and grass. The clothes themselves were realized with wood, recycled paper and organic materials, and I find the result pretty amazing. He started once again with revisits of the dear tweed suit Coco loved so much, with below-the-knee tubular skirts and jackets. I like the balloon sleeves on the first image, adding extra volume to the upper part of the body. The color scheme is rather basic, navy blue, black and cream, but it enhances the beauty of the lines. Then came elegant, sparkling dresses, very long and loose-fitting. Beams and sequins give life to flowers and bees, delicately adorning them. I wanted to add a couple of detail pictures below to show you the work : you can see how wood was used as ornamentation. From afar the dress Gigi wore looks like she is composed of sequins, but if we observe more carefully we notice the wooden chips.

The wedding dress made of raw coton seems like a soft cocoon and really valorize the savoir-faire of the brand. I love the creativity of Karl’s team and this shows us that eco-conscious fashion surely has a bright future ahead 😉

Elie Saab

The Elie Saab show was a nice surprise. I’ve always found his gowns magnificent (everybody does anyway 🙂 ) but the regular comment about his work is how he repeats himself. But this time, he went further. It is not his usual pretty evening dresses we look at. We traveled with him to India, where he took his inspiration from for this collection. He imagined a British woman at the turn of the XXth century taking a trip to this amazing country. We retrieve Nehru jackets and bands of fabric from hips to shoulder reminding the sari. Close fitting jackets are paired with trousers worn in the boots in a somptuous adventurer style. The cuts, the joining, the details … everything feels more carefully studied and new. I really love the dress with the flowing line and the lace plastron, stunning. I think there is more diversity in terms of shape and composition as well. Of course, beams and cristals were part of the show, and to me they are welcome as they bring splendour at the right moment.

The breath-taking wedding dress is definitely a piece to remember : the sari-like veil worn over the hair and falling on the back makes it even more special. Saab truly proved us that stepping out of his confort zone can’t hurt.





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