Diana Kvariani “La robe noire”

Hi everyone !

Remember last season, I went to Paris and attended the Benext Showroom. There I met new designers and their creations for SS16. Diana Kvariani was one of my coups de coeur. I am fond of her ladylike designs and chic vegetal prints.

I saw her new collections online : here is her FW16 work, but that’s not the subject of my post. Next to it was another album titled “La robe noir”, an exercise on the basis of the wardrobe.

The result is ultra sophisticated. I like how she explored different shapes. The long V-neck gown of the third picture is beautifully accessorized with pearls on the back, making it even more glamorous. The next has a close-fitting cut with flounces spreading from the shoulders to the bottom. The fifth shot shows a nice skater dress, with bows and jewels adorning the shoulers. But I think my favorite piece is part of the first outfit : the robe. It is so easy to wear and instantaneously gives so much elegance !

Hope you like this collection too  😉





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