NY Fashion Week FW16 part I

Hello there 😀

On February 11th  we entered a very exciting (and intense !) period for fashion lovers. The Fashion Week FW 2016-2017 opened its doors in New-York. Time to enjoy what we’ll be wearing next autumn 🙂


The brand is only one year old but I already love it 😀 I discovered it last season, with their minimalist spring collection composed of clean lines and monochromatic outfits. This time, designers Alex Gilbert and Jennifer Noyes  chose to keep things simple and easy to wear. Comfortable pieces, oversize cuts, cosy fabrics … they have prepared a strong collection around matching looks, but each item has a presence by its own.

  However they didn’t leave elegance behind. I  like the tailored jackets. The shapes step out of the ordinary and bring character to the whole. The white jacket is really cute. The long, sleek light grey coat is everything a woman needs for winter, I love its line. The dark green outfit and the golden jumpsuit caught my attention too. Indeed the palette is quite awesome, with fall hues like sienna, camel, green and bronze. I think they are very flaterring and they will warm up every skin tone.

  The last looks are much more casual. I wanted to share the jeans paired with the loafers, because it creates a nice vintage silhouettes I adore.

Jason Wu

I must say I love Wu’s work more and more each season. I think he excels at elegance in a very contemporary manner. Yesterday he presented a solid collection, composed of large coats, chic dresses and sweaters. The main element was clearly the thin black feathers. He used them as embellishments as you can see on the first row of pictures and on the very last look. I like the way he placed them gradually, so the result is delicate and not too much. It looks great on the coats, I find them totally wearable on a day look. The last gown is super chic and feathers add even more lightness and softness to it.

The rest was very good as well, with checked items in navy blue and green or black. There were some sweaters paired with trousers for a masculine twist I adore. The rather high neckline and minimalist line make them really cool. On the other side, we saw delicate slip dresses, super light and feminine.

Pops of yellow and orange illuminated the runway, with the bustier dress and the oversize coat. Floral prints were part of the show too. The mini dress Mica wears is a very pretty example, I think the shades are very harmonious. Jason Wu defintely masters sophistication and style.


That’s it for the first post guys ! Stay near White and Pink Peony for the next part of NYFW collections reviews 😉






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