Highlight : Boys and girls meet at Tibi FW 2016-2017

Hello guys !

I am currently wandering through the latest Fashion Week shows and like last season, I think it is a good idea to write special posts to bring out some cool ideas and moments. The first highlight for FW16 is dedicated to Tibi 🙂

Artistic director Amy Smilovic focused once again on comfort, thanks to oversize clothing easy to slip into. Jackets and sweaters are worn casually with wide-leg trousers and long, military inspired coats. She chose simplicity with mostly monochromatic outfits in navy blue, khaki, black, ecru and red. Thin tennis stripes are visible on a suit.

As for the fabrics, we retrieve some knitwear. Turtleneck (sparkling !) sweaters, made of mohair, look super cosy and will definitely keep you warm. Flowing bottoms and blouses follow the models’ walk. I have a soft spot for the beige outfits : the belted dress with the pocket on the side is awesome, and the high neck silk blouse is really chic ! At the end lace made a subtle appearance, elaborated under jackets or on the edge of a skirt. It makes the outfits more delicate and approporiate for evening wear.

A interesting point was the presence of male models on the runway. However that doesn’t mean Smilovic is about to launch a menswear line. Actually, they were wearing the same clothes as the girls, only a bit larger (well, at their size). Would we call that an unisex collection ? I cannot say what exact label she would put on it, but she wanted to show boys can borrow from our wardrobe too ! I think the result looks fantastic and is defintely wearable, on both sides 😉 Good job !

What do you think about this collection readers ?




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