NY Fashion Week FW16 part IV

Hello there 🙂

The fourth part of my NYFW coups de coeur is up !


Like Rosetta Getty, I discovered Co during Pre-Fall 2016. I really appreciate the charming  spirit of the brand. Collections are designed by Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern.

Romance is in the air for FW16 : large, fluid blouses are adorned with pussy bows and flounces and pleats. I have a soft spot for the red one, with its oversize sleeves; the cut reminds me of old Renaissance chemises, something I really like. The first dress is adorable, with the details of the cuffs and the lightness of the fabri, perfect for a young girl. The long black dress looks very glamorous and sophisticated, like an echo to the best years of fashion history. Please note that the shooting took place at Marlene Dietrich’s residence in Beverly Hills, so she was the main inspiration 🙂

We have some great tailoring too. Grey, navy blue and beige suits look very modern. The lenght of the trousers is original. Sleeveless jackets look even better paired with these pleated blouses. I think these outfits are very fresh, not overly serious. The mood is playful and cute, and that’s what we need in fashion 🙂

Ryan Roche

I can’t find the words to tell you how much I love these designs. Ryan Roche used her favorite wool, cashmere, and turned it into timeless, clean pieces. The long camel coat is stunning and probably my favorite item. She likes playing with volumes : the big cardigan on the seventh picture is the best example. Floor-lenght arrangements are her signature. Whether it is wide-leg trousers or long skirts, impossible to get a glimpse at your ankles.

She takes her collection to the next level thanks to smart layering. Capes and giant scarves come on knitwear dresses, which are themselves put above trousers as you can see on the look before the last. The mix of textures is another interesting point. Cable-knit sweaters are paired with smooth cashmere and fluffy coats. Lace is part of the collection too, it brings lightness and thus create a contrast with heavier material. We could say the same about the red crochet dress, something new at Ryan Roche.

As for the palette, we retrieve her classics, that is to say ecru, beige, white and the beautiful  blush pink hue. They are very soft and in my opinion they are the best manner to highlight cashmere. She added darker colors : the burgundy outfit is stunning and looks very sophisticated. Again a very strong collection !

 Jil Sander Navy

The thematic of this collection ? The art of layering. We are proposed complex looks, composed with many pieces. The strong point is that each of them is necessary and is brought out. They are rather classic and versatile, so appropriate for this kind of styling. First the colors, grey and navy blue, are super easy to wear and mix. Then we see wool sweaters, cardigans, tailored cropped trousers, checked jackets, masculine coats … must-haves garments we can wear daily.

This collection is full of little details that make the difference. They have used some cool styling tips : the sweater tied around the waist is back. You can wear it around the shoulders too almost like a real scarf as you can see on the tenth image.On the first picture, you notice the tops are half-tuck into the sweater so we can see the knot. Leggings are back in a clever way. Under midi skirts, they don’t seem casual anymore. A couple of pieces are more original : the dress and the top with big pockets are major pieces, and the long skirt in the picture before the last makes a statement.

The whole thing looks super stylish and effortless. And perfect footwear, by the way 😉 #workgoals

The next part for NYFW comes as soon as possible guys ! Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about these collections 😉




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