NY Fashion Week FW16 part V

Hello dear readers 🙂

First I am very sorry for the late articles, I am trying to catch up as fast as I can.

Let’s continue this New Yorker Fashion Week with two regular favorites !


The Spanish house offers another colorful and bold collection, signed Josep Font. His taste for architectural designs won’t disappear soon, and that’s what I love the most about him. He always chooses special shapes for his garments, with an appeal for volume and originality. Bright colors are another essential element of Delpozo identity. I am fond of the first two coats here. The collar covers the back of the neck and creates a nice diagonal line on the shoulders. Then triangle shorts, balloon sleeves, giant bows follow. One of the most eye-catching accessory are the gloves, embellished with 3D flowers.

However the collection takes a more futuristic path with lamé and metallic shades. He used a lot of satiny fabrics, with darker colors than usual, and I must admit I am not a super fan of this (just personal taste !). Of course the composition of the garments stays complex and very carefully thought, with a certain relevance.

Font shows that shapes and colors make the best recipe for playfulness, yet he keeps a strong sense of elegance. Typically the kind of fashion I cannot get enough of.


Theory is where you need to go if you want updated basics and creative director Lisa Kulson knows her subject well. The collection perfectly fits the mood of the period, with monochromatic silhouettes and modern cuts. Indeed, the flared trousers on the first and fourth pictures give a little twist to the classical officewear outfit. The trend is back thanks to the seventies, so you would think it is always associated with boho looks, but it spread. Styled with jackets, blazers and trench-coats, it doesn’t seem too casual. However, it should be highlighted how beautiful are the line of the clothes and the body. The wide-legged culottes are awesome. The plissé skirt is another item I adore, I find it very easy to wear and mix with several styles. This khaki version won my heart.

Talking about the colors, we can state the range is bigger than usual. Vibrant red and even mustard show themselves. If you are not into it, softer options are available like blush pink, very cute. Prints are still rare, only one shirt is adorned with flowers. Grey Prince of Wales proudly appear as a must-have, again 🙂

The last post about NYFW will come in some hours, as it will be a highlight of the most awaited fashion show of this city 🙂 I’m sure you already have guessed which one I am talking about !

See you later !






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