London Fashion Week FW16 part I

Hi everyone

Let’s start with three of my favorite shows from this London Fashion Week 🙂

Margaret Howell

Last season Margaret Howell became one of my favorite designers 🙂 The school boy meanders on the catwalk, well-behaved and insolently cool and confident at the same time. A poised attitude, hands stuck into the pockets, overflowing mischief. I adore this kind of character and I think it comes to life in this show.

She keeps her collection dark with black, grey, deep green outfits. Shirts are all buttoned-up and some of them are adorned by a bow to enhance the masculin-féminin look. They are paired with knitwear, I spotted a sleeveless beige sweater, but we have more classic things like a V-neck one. They are stuck into trousers. I love them all : the lenghts vary, some are high waisted and reach the ankles while other stop under the knee. They feel less formal but still bring to mind the British style. The duffle-coat is the key piece of this fall wardrobe. There were a couple of velvet dress too, with a very simple cut. The models wear flats, mainly derbies worn with dark socks. Tomboys rule the town, you know 😉


I came across a blog post about the SS16 show on another blog in September, and I must say I became upset I had missed such a great work. So this time I really want it to feature on White and Pink Peony 🙂

I like the simplicity of 1205, the subdued and quiet elegance coming from this collection. A series of monochromatic outfits was presented, composed of maxi dresses, long coats, large shirts and wide-leg trousers made of sleek materials, playing with light. It appears extremely polished. The navy blue dresses, worn with trousers underneath, a styling tip I am fond of, look majestic. It is all about subtle drapés, a pleat perfectly twisted, a knot at the right place, and it suffice. The result is incredibly chic with this little detail and stands out.

Designer Paula Gerbase used sheer shimmering fabric, in silver and white, like organza. It casts a certain lightness on the silhouette. What is interesting is that they cover the whole bust, from waist to neck (and there’s even trousers if you look at the second image), but at the same time they unveil it with their transparency. Flashes of bronze warm the cold, minimalist palette. A stunning collection by a skillful designer.

Rejina Pyo

Of course you know where we are getting at. I didn’t know this designer until now, but I literally fell for these pictures.

I’d say graphical is the best word to describe the collection. It rings a bell doesn’t it ? Rejina Pyo uses a vocabulary we already know if we like Phoebe Philo for instance. Long flared dresses and coats, ruffled sleeves, midi skirts … The two dresses are amazing : the cut is very flattering, it enhance the waist and the volume around the elbows looks chic (especially when made of gauze) and balances the silhouette. The structured white top in the third outfit is really edgy, I love it ! The cute orange dress may be easier to wear, even if the shoulders look original, flutturing around. Indeed details are important. Metallic eyelets and stone-like embellishments are placed on the shoes and on the front of the clothes.

She has chosen a palette composed of the basics black, beige and white, and injected khaki, orange, electric blue and silver. The latter clearly stands out as the material is crackled and catches the light. One thing I adore is the color-blocking : in the sixth and seventh pictures, the shades are put locally. The pocket is white and so is brought out on a dark coat. The whole collection is definitely eye-catching !

Second and last part of LOndon Fashion Week comes as fast as it can, promise 😉




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