London Fashion Week FW16 part II

Hey dear readers !

I’m back with the last part of LFW reviews 🙂 Enjoy these two amazing shows !

Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton and Alexander McQueen landed home in London for FW16. Once again she presented a complex collection, with signature dresses and her usual vocabulary.

It included structured gowns, like the one in the third picture, with many cutouts and elaborated compositions. The dark floral print is a classic in the McQueen wardrobe and we love seeing it each season. The fabric and ruffles flow around the models, they closely follow the silhouette. It is very feminine. The light pink dresses are super romantic. One of them is associated with a leather corset.

Sexiness comes in with black leather dresses and satined coats, tightly belted at the waist. They are ornated with pocket watches and butterflies. Straps and buckles are placed on the black suits, showing a bolder style. We even have a rock side with creepers at the models’ feet.

The last part flirts with Couture. Craftsmanship shines thanks to embroidery, feathers and sequins on sheer gowns. This kind of rich ornamentation is stunning. The show closed with breath-taking pieces, iconic quilted jackets. Welcome back Sarah 🙂

Christopher Kane

The AW16 Christopher Kane collection caught my attention. We can feel the special mood in the air, with astray girls wandering on the runway. This distraught, psychological dimension should be taken seriously as the designer himself evoked the topic backstage.

The collection looks perfectly confused. The profusion of details hits the spectator and nothing is average. He obviously plays with asymmetry when he deals with tailoring. We could imagine the dresses have been shattered, as they are reconstructed form scraps of white and black fabrics, fluttering around the model’s legs. Floral dresses were part of the shows too, the prints are very feminine and reminds me of watercolour paintings, with dark shades. The K monogram forces itself on sweaters in capital gothic.

Ornamentation is the star of the show. Crystals and ostrich feathers adorn the clothes and the footwear. It gives a certain sophistication. The accumulation makes the girls appear as collectors, displaying their treasures on their garments. The headpieces tell an important part of the story. They are a legacy of the designer’s late mother, who used to wear it in his childhood. Tied under the chin, I think they give a vintage twist and look extremely chic and ladylike for a rain hat. Melancholia never looked so good.


Well well, London Fashion Week is over 🙂 I’ve selected a very few shows but I think they are amazing ! Milan will begin tomorrow on the blog, so stay near 😉





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