Milan Fashion Week FW16 part I

Hi guys !

Right now Milan runs the fashion sphere as the FW 2016-17 fashion shows take place in the city. It often offers great collections and surprises, so let’s go 🙂


There’s a certain appeal I cannot even explain. Alessandro Michele cast a magic spell over us, and I fell under the charm as well. Beware, this review might not be lucid …

He clearly has his own recipe and it still works after a couple of seasons at Gucci. Vintage seventies, a crazy mix of patterns and colors, an odd and unexpected sense of style, excentricity … It was for these very same reasons I didn’t catch his first show, or at least felt shaken and disturbed about it.

Everything lands before our eyes. Seems like girls had fun at a second-hand clothes store. A roses printed sweater is paired with a geometric skirt. We see maxi dresses with a rainbow of plush at the bottom or ombré flounces, appropriate for evenings. Jacquard coats look extremely luxurious. There was even an Asia inspired sequined dress with koi fishes at the beginning,. A polished suit, from time to time, out of nowhere, enters the runway. I chose the grey one, ornated with jewels and tassels, I find amazing. The white coat is easy to wear too.

As for the accessories, we retrieve the big glasses giving an intellectual and nerdy twist, and the veiled fascinators, adding sophistication. A joyful mess I’d go rummage in with out a doubt if I could.


You must have noticed I’m not always beaming at Fendi, but I found out this collection matches my tastes. Maybe because it stays original without being too flashy.

Flounces are the main element there. They are exposed on the first outfits hitting the runway (I adore this orange top !) and on footwear. Indeed we notice the special design of the high knee boots, composed of several pieces. The wavy effect is visible on the bags as well. These frills bring relief and texture to the outfits, as you can see on the sleeves of the top in the sixth picture.

I must say Karl Lagerfeld kept things smodern and efficient. Wide leg trousers and skirts worn high waisted seem fluid and comfortable. The coats are beautiful, like the purple one with the details on the pockets. Sparkles came with pops of orange, icy blue and turquoise, but also golden. The last outfits are made with a sleek, silky fabric printed with flowers, clashing with the rest of the collection. I think the whole show looks fresh and fun, and some pieces are defintely going to steal our attention once again in fashion magazines later.

Costume National

Costume National FW16 is a pure winter collection, in its simplest form. We get what we expect, and plus they do it good. Ennio Capasa is the artistic director of the brand, and I must say I had already noticed his work a season or two ago.

Before us comes a series of heavy coats, suits, dresses … mixing together thanks to a knowledge of layering. He uses several textures and materials, like silk for delicate garments, velvet and wool for outerwear. He even picked glittering fabrics to bring light and textures to some coats and jackets. Talking about the coats, I love them. The cut and composition is carefully designed. The red one is a modern take on the classic trench : the general line and the sleeves are wider and new flaps emerge. The leather coat in the ninth picture is great too. The color range is quite limited and appropriate for the season, with dark shades : burgundy, forest green, navy blue and of course black. It fits my idea of a nice ready-to-wear collection for cold days. I’m sure these pieces can become the new upgraded basics of your wardrobe 😉 .

The second part of my Milanese favorites will come tomorrow dear readers 🙂 Stay near !




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