Paris Fashion Week FW16 part I

Hi dear you 🙂

Let’s start with the last part of the Fashion Month : Paris ! The French capital always has good things in store and offers chic and elegant collections.


Alessandro dell’Acqua quickly won my heart at Rochas. I concur with his vision of feminity and the way he reconciles it with modernity and design.

For FW16, he proposes a colorful series of long skirts and dresses reaching mid-calf. All sorts of cuts and shapes makes their entrance on the ruway : a deconstruct shirt dress comes in first, closely followed by something fluider with frills and slip dresses. Flowing blouses and trousers are also part of the collection. Prints and fabrics obviously steal the show. White flowers are blooming and cast a romantic mood. I love the purple dress, with its fluid and see-through silk.

Velvet, satined coats and glitter bring even more textures. They all play with light, so they catch the eye. Sequins shine playfully to twist the serious silhouettes. The platform sandals worn with socks also bring this off-the-wall side, and I adore it ! The palette looks a bit less flashy than usual. The anis-green dress stands out; the other colors are rather subdued : soft blush, forest green, navy blue, cream … they look definifely chic and delicate. An excellent work once more 🙂


Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran‘s designs are a regular topic on White and Pink Peony. I like their take on minimalism and comfort and can only praise how they keep it stylish.

We retrieve their usual clean, simple lines, following the body without compelling it. Many looks show oversize garments. Wide-legs trousers and masculine white shirts make a good match. The black blazer in the last image acts as a must-have, a perfectly tailored jacket. They do not hesitate to layer their classics : a maxi shirt dress worn over black pants with a long coat dominates the show. We notice how the waistline is enhanced, on the camel and white dresses for instance. The tops are rather close-fitting too. However, the sleeves are larger and bring a real structure to the outfit. The sweater of the second picture is clearly my favorite item. The cable-knit balloon sleeves add volume and draw the attention towards the upper arms and the cuffs cling to the wrists. I love this kniwear mastery.

The color range is reduced to basics and two or three warm shades like this nice red-orange. I think it adds value to the collection. It doesn’t disturb the minimalist aesthetic but upgrades it with pop of color, appreciable to illuminate our winter closet.

That’s it for this first post dealing with Paris Fashion Week. The next part comes as fast as possible !




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