Went emerald

Hello guys !

Hope you are well 🙂 Today I’ve prepared some pictures to talk about … hair.  Yep, I am a real chameleon when it comes to color. I love following hair trends (thank you Pinterest !) and I click on every “pastel ombre” or “mermaid locks” links I come across.

It’s been two years I have been tempted by Manic Panic. Their semi-permanent hair dye allows many fantaisies. It is made with a vegan formula and won’t harm your hair as much as a real permanent color. It fades away in 7 or 8 shampoos. No need to mix different creams, the product is ready to be applied in its bottle. Awesome.

However I was dissuated many times : I read everywhere you needed to have bleached, basically white hair to make the product work, and you could only get a light reflection on brown hair. It is true when you want coton candy locks, something very light. But what about dark shades ? With my chestnut hair, I wasn’t sure the result would look great. It was the big question. But you know what ? I wanted my green hair so bad I (finally) decided to give it a try.

Enchanted Forest was on my radar. I love the scarab color (I have many of this in my wardrobe too …). Green Envy looked nice too, but I prefer this one with hints of blue.

manic panic enchanted forest 3

I did it yesterday, on unbleached hair. I am happy with the result : the color is nice and visible. More than light reflection isn’t it ? It depends of your hair type I think. Before making the ombré I made a small test on a lock behind my hair to see how it reacted, and after a week when I was sure it was okay I did the rest.

I am really curious about how it is going to evolve. I will keep you informed, but I can already tell I highly recommand Manic Panic if you want to have fun with your hair 😉

If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂 !






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