“Earth angel” by Rodrigo Bueno for OK Magazine

Hey how are you ?

Today I’d like to share an editorial from OK Magazine. I presented the Brazilian magazine last year with two editorials. Here is the Collection issue Rodrigo Buena photographs Ana Schurmann



earth angel (1)

Ana poses in a wooden setting. It offers three different background : panels, stairs and 3D wall made of cubes.

Let’s start with composition. The architectural background acts as a solid structure. In pictures 2 and 3, the wooden panels enhance the verticality of the framing (even more on the first case as the model wears a mexi coat and high-waisted pants). Little horizontal gaps appear in black and create vanishing lines on the picture plane. For the next shots, Ana stands in the stairs. Their structure has an strong impact : the spiral develops around a pillar we see on the border of the images. Wood bars are placed to dress the banister. I really like the point of view of the fourth picture, because this decoration occupies the top and the bottom, and is like a new frame for the model. The composition is rather complex, because straight lines and curves are mixed together.

earth angel (42

In the two last pictures,  we have less elements around Ana, only the wall and the ground. They enrich the composition. Indeed, they bring several textures. The wall is definitely intriguing : it is made of cubes, with different shades, more or less prominent. They give an illusion of 3D, like it was in reality, in the picture plane. Thus the composition looks dynamic. We have the impression the wall is wavy, with a sort of bump next to her. This effect would not have appeared of the photographer had been placed in front of the wall, in parallel. Plus, the lighest cubes catch the light more easily than the darkest, the contrast is visible. Add to this the fact that some are overhanging, and you create motion.

The color scheme is very simple. Camel is the main color. The art director chose a camaïeu with warm beiges, brown, burgundy … I love these shades. The styling in general is rather good, with chic pieces and a research on the lenghts and accessories.

Styling : Vivi Rivaben – Make-up : Dindi Hojah – Art direction : Guilherme Lombardi


What do you think about this work guys 🙂 ?





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