New-York Fashion Week SS17 part I

Hello everyone !

The runway reviews are back this season ! As alwas I will share with you my favorite collections during this Fashion Week and provide some descriptions/analysis with each one. All you have to do is to click on the link to see the pictures from and enjoy the reading 🙂 Let’s start right now with NYFW !

Michael Kors

Michael Kors has good stuff in store for next summer : he loves dearly his confident, sophisticated lady, wearing polished pieces to go to work – and stealing the attention at the party after.

Tailoring is indeed very present. Blazers are associated with long skirts or trousers in a modern way. With a belt around the waist, they highlight and elongate the silhouette. The white suit of the thirteenth shot is really awesome with its little 80’s details. These outfits, the 26th, 27th and 31st as well, look serious and extremely chic.

Kors found the balance between classical and adventurous. The shapes go bolder. The destrusctured trench coat of the picture 37 is quite unexpected but it looks great, with the asymmetrical bottom and the long belt hanging at the front. Same goes for the coat of the 40th image, with loose sleeves open below to let the wrists free. I must add the stylists have done an amazing job at mixing garments ad plying with proportions to create strong outfits.

I just love the dress Kendall is wearing with the deep V-neckline and its knot. This navy and brown floral print is one of the memorable element of the collection, used on other skirts or bathing suits. The MK woman will also illuminate the room with colorful prints, in lime green or bright fuschia.

The last part of the show is more about evening looks. We know that black and white are the best option to look fabulous. Discreet frills ornate the dresses and sewed sequins catch the light. They are not too much, just enough to bring sparkles in a festive note, without distracting from the cut. A very classy vision of elegance.

Rosetta Getty

Rosetta Getty is already on my radar, and was one of the designers I was eager to see this time. Her passion for art becomes evident here as she uses audacious geometrical shapes. The sleeves of the first three outfits remind me of origami, they seem carefully, precisely folded like paper. Talk about a statement piece. They strongly impact the silhouette and draw the attention towards the shoulders. The trench also makes a strong impression. The sleeves seem large and actually it could be compared to a cape.

There are two outfits I adore : the seventh and the twentiefth. The shoulders once again are free, and the fabric is tied in a beautiful drapé on the front, on the stomach. I find this tasteful and elegant. The white top is indeniably refined and can upgrade any black trousers. The grey coat has a nice volume on the arms and can be worn in many ways. Pushed back like this, it enhances the glamorous and feminine attitude.

There are many details I am fond of, such as ruffled short sleeves. Two long rectangle of fabric have been added to the front and the back of the mini skirts. We also get to see more classical pieces, like the striped navy coat in the eighth picture. A timeless garment, who never fails to finish an outfit with class.

As for the colors, to me ochre is the star. Paired with black satin, it makes trendy evening dresses. The red shade we see in pictures 14 and 18 is also beautiful. They are downplayed by blue and neutral colors such as white, black and a stunning grey hue. The combination of these colors and bold cuts always provides an up-to-date result.

Ryan Roche

Ryan Roche’s style is definitely standing out. Gentle, delicate, yet with a touch of assertiveness. The designer oscillates between oversize and close-fitting lines. The wide-leg trousers, in the first and ninth shots, are major pieces. Worn high on the waist with a belt to hold them, they work really well with lighter, tight tops. Knitwears are often more voluminous, so they are combined with pencil or mini skirts. We also see some simple dresses, with a minimalistic cut. The tubular silhouette of the third image is a great example. However they often sport a significant detail, like a frill, as a finish.

Lingerie and see-through lace bring a sensual twist. The eleventh outfit is probably my favorite. The night top, associated with high-waisted culottes, looks so luxurious. The scarf the model holds on her forearms enhances this feeling, making the whole extremely chic and ladylike. I am sure the bralette of the previous picture will be appreciated as well.

She still uses the sweet palette I like so much : white, beige rosé and nude. The softness of these shades feels in harmony with the silky fabrics and fuzzy knitwear. She often elaborates monochromatic outfits, so one color is seen on several materials. The twentiefth image shows the mix between a heavy sweater and lace, with a big frill running on its front and a thin skirt. We can see she doesn’t forget about comfort : all these garments must be incredibly pleasant to wear. Style and ease are definitely a good match.


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