Milan Fashion Week SS17 part II : No. 21

No. 21

For this new collection, designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua has prepared a clever mix of romance and modernity. The lace sweater are probably the best example of this. Using such a delicate material for a sportswear item is not a revolution, but the cut and eye-cathing details like the big pocket at the front make it brand new. Plus note that a male model sports it as well. Mesh, lace, tulle … each outfit looks kind of fussy, filled with several textures.

Indeed, exaggeration is also a part of Dell’Acqua’s world. The silky pink top of the 27th look appear very large on the model’s frame, she is overwhelmed by the giant frills. The two beautiful champagne sequined gowns are adorned with a tulle veil falling on the models’ shoulders. They really stand out. The show almost takes a baroque turn, with warm colors at the end, thanls to a patchwork of floral prints and stripes.

I love what Karly is wearing in the tenth picure. The see-through navy blue sleeves are light, mimicking the skirt. The white feathers visible on the hips enhance the ethereal vibe and romanticism.

As for the palette, Dell’Acqua uses classical colors : blue, black and white are the main hues, with a hint of dusty pink. However, lime green spices white up, creating the perfect duo for summer.

The Italian designer loves complex silhouettes and this collection is a good way to experiment. So what has he in store at Rochas … ?



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